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At Hermosillo Reséndiz Abogados we are specialized lawyers in multiple disciplines that range from the corporate legal field to regulatory compliance, providing legal intersectionality in each matter through their experience, creativity, and knowledge.


Corporate and Commercial Law

At Hermosillo Reséndiz Abogados we have a team of professionals specialized in corporate and commercial law, whose activities involve, to name a few, the constitution of companies with bylaws tailored to each client, preparation of shareholders’ and/or partners’ meetings, preparation or regularization of corporate books, presentation of mandatory publications in the electronic system of the Ministry of Economy and drafting of agreements between shareholders. In our Firm we prepare any document that regulates, efficiently, the corporate life of a legal entity.

In the same way, in the case of commercial relations of our clients, the Firm carries out the evaluation of the commercial and/or legal risks involved, with the purpose of negotiating and preparing a clear document that ensures the interests of the client and in turn encourage the counterparty to contract it.

Corporate Governance

The small and medium companies in Mexico are the generators of approximately 90% of the wealth and work in the country and, of these, almost all of them are family businesses that do not transcend the generations after their founder, except for a minimum percentage. The main cause of this problem is the lack of institutionalization and professionalization of corporate and administrative processes in the company. However, our lawyers have advised clients on the implementation and adaptation of corporate governance principles and best practices to companies to give organizations a structure that encourages and rewards their economic and human growth.

At Hermosillo Reséndiz Abogados we identify the areas of opportunity for our clients and accompany them in the process of implementation and improvement with the owner shareholders, their family nucleus and, where appropriate, key members of their administrative body.


Private Capital

At our Firm we advise companies and investors to provide legal certainty and transactional efficiency to their capital raising and injection operations, accompanying them from their constitution and economic planning to their consolidation through private capital markets and/or strategic sales.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our services start from the initial approach and prospecting of objectives, whether purchase or sale, to the negotiation and preparation of all the documentation inherent to the merger, acquisition and/or sale in question, with the simultaneous application of the rest of our services, such as due diligence, contracts, corporate and administrative modification, corporate governance, until the objectives of the party in question are met.

Criminal Liability and Regulatory Compliance

An important part of our practice consists of advising clients from all sectors (financial, agricultural, maquila, construction, energy, etc.) in a wide range of compliance examinations, risk management and procedures before administrative authorities.

Our services include the development and implementation of comprehensive compliance programs that address written policies, training and continuous monitoring necessary to guarantee compliance with the laws and regulations of the three orders of government applicable to each business sector. Furthermore, a review of the policies and practices related to interactions with third parties, the foregoing in order to avoid criminal liability for non-compliance with regulations, especially after the inclusion of regulations that make it possible to directly attribute responsibilities to the partners and shareholders of companies for actions or omissions.

We regularly represent our clients before municipal, state, and federal public entities, in administrative procedures, either for the regularization of a risk, or the acquisition or recognition of a right.


Hermosillo Reséndiz Abogados has professionals specialized in financial and regulatory matters to advise start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs and technology companies in the different areas of Fintech. These areas include the design and preparation of statutes, Privacy and Data Protection, Structuring of Financial Products, Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism and other documents that the applicable regulatory compliance to this specific sector requires, including accompaniment in the procedures before the National Banking and Securities Commission.

Auxiliary Credit Organizations and Activities

We provide prior planning and monitoring services for the constitution and operation of Auxiliary Credit Organizations and Activities such as Multiple Purpose Financial Companies, Financial Factoring Companies and Financial Leasing Companies, ensuring that they operate in accordance with the strict regulation that the current regulations impose on them, including the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Infrastructure and Government Contracts

In Government Contracting we advise the client to legitimize itself as a supplier of products and/or services of any authority, in the three orders of government. This area includes two possible services that we recommend taking simultaneously:

The first consists of monitoring calls from public entities, in electronic and official systems, to obtain products and/or services at the federal, state, or municipal level.

The second consists of representing the client throughout the public contracting process, which starts from the study of the bases of the call and the integration of the client’s proposal, to the relief of its presentation, meeting of clarifications and ruling, including, if necessary, post-judgment negotiations with the corresponding government body and permissible within the regulatory framework.

Intellectual Property

We have a team of lawyers specialized in Intellectual Property, experienced, and trained in accordance with the new Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Copyright Law, offering, but not limited to, the following professional services:

National and international Registration of Trademarks, Registration of Distinctive Signs, Denominations of Origin, Geographical Indications, Collective Trademarks and Certification Marks, Franchises, Licenses and Transfers of Rights, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, and Integrated Circuit Layouts. Patent Registration. Contentious and/or Conciliation Procedures in matters of Intellectual Property.

Real Estate Law

We have comprehensive advisory services regarding the Real Estate Practice of developers, private equity funds and family offices, investors, FIBRAs, landlords, administrators, and corporations of national and international importance.

Our priority is the certainty and legal certainty of the operations, which is why we carry out exhaustive legal audits to verify the property of the person who owns it, as well as the origin of the resources with which the agreements are intended to be executed.

Patrimonial Protection

We have a legal team with extensive experience that provides services for the design and application of asset protection schemes with the appropriate legal tools for each specific case of the client, in order not only to safeguard their assets, either through trusts and/or any other legal vehicle, but also to reduce the tax burden to the minimum possible within the regulatory framework.

Environmental Law

Our legal team provides the following services before all levels of government, whether federal, state, or municipal:

Advice for the prevention of environmental irregularities that could bring with them inspections, resolutions, sanctions and/or closures, as well as the implementation of corrective measures if an assumption is updated.

Representation before environmental authorities in all types of procedures related to environmental law, such as the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Negotiations to obtain concessions, authorizations, licenses, registrations and/or permits related to Environmental Law.


Renewable Energy and Resources

We advise our clients in the legal, commercial, and financial area for the development and operation of projects related to energy and renewable resources, such as power plants, oil, gas, wind, solar and hydroelectric energy parks, with extensive experience in private contracting for its investment or public contracting for its installation and operation.


Public Affairs

At Hermosillo Reséndiz Abogados we have a team of professionals specialized in representing our clients in the legitimate promotion of their interests before the executive and legislative bodies at both the federal and state levels, with the aim of obtaining legislation consistent with constitutional principles and regulatory harmony with other related laws and regulations.

Among our outstanding tasks is the promotion of the regulation of cannabis in Mexico, actively participating in the forums and debates organized by the authorities, including providing advice on the drafting of bills.


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